Electrical Works

In addition to a number of services, JS Group specializes in the development of electrical projects. The company is working in the following areas in order to do more radical work in this area:

- Involvement of specialized personnel in production in the relevant field
- formation of high material and technical base for the implementation of electrical projects
- Production using the highest quality materials in accordance with world standards
- Application of the latest scientific achievements in the implementation and production of electrical projects
- implementation of the principles of public safety along with the provision of the population

Production of electric sheets

Our company also offers its customers electric shields. It should be noted that in general, dozens of types of electric screens are produced in countries around the world.
Electric shields are produced in various structures for their intended use. The classification of these sheets is carried out in the following directions:

- Electric fences produced under commercial conditions - Electric fences in this direction are divided into: heavy electric fences, normal and light electric fences.
- Electric fences produced by type of enterprise - According to this direction, there are two types of electric fences fixed and mobile.
- Electric fences produced for the purpose of use - in this direction, electric fences are divided into airways and underground fences.
- Electrical switchboards produced according to the voltage value - low, medium, high voltage switchboards.
- Electrical screens produced by type of material - copper conductor, aluminum conductor.
- Electrical panels produced by insulator type - Thermoplastic Insulated electrical panels, Thermoset Insulated electrical panels

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