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Metal construction

Metal structures made using steel materials are produced in suitable conditions without the need for long-term maintenance and repair costs. Metal structures that will be used instead of all structures are extremely useful.
In particular, the question of what is a metal structure is often heard in areas at risk of earthquakes and frequent earthquakes. This is because the most important feature known about metal structures is that they are strong and elastic. It is preferred in most factory areas, organized industrial zones, hangars and warehouses. Metal structures made of heavy and light steel materials have long-lasting properties. At the same time, the recycling properties of metal structures, their re-mixing with nature, and their easy melting are extremely easy. This feature has been a great reason for many ecologists to choose metal structures. Metak structures, which are lighter than reinforced metal structures, do not cause any problems during installation, even if the installation floor is in poor condition. In construction sites where light steel material is used, the appearance is very light. However, in contrast, steel construction material has a much higher strength than a concrete structure. Steel structures, called metal structures, are regulated by the height of the building areas. "What are metal structures and where are they most often used?" the question is asked by people involved in the construction industry, near or far.

Where are metal structures used?

Structures made of light steel:
• hangars,
• warehouses,
• industries,
• factory buildings,
• parking lots,
• gyms
• In temporary building areas,
• with special projects
Metal structures can be transported in one place after long and short-term use and reused in another area. If you are interested in metal structures, you can buy from us.

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