Ventilation Works

What is a ventilation system?

Ventilation system is a system that allows fresh air to space, buildings and workplaces. With ventilation systems, you can ensure that people are in a healthier and more comfortable environment.
In addition, you can ensure that products, devices, foods and materials are protected from moisture and humidity.
Ventilation systems are indispensable. Because the rate of air pollution in our country is high. Therefore, these systems must be used to prevent the unconscious mixing of polluted air into the atmosphere. Thanks to ventilation systems;

• Clean and fresh air, continuous renewal of the environment,
• Ensuring the purification of air pollutants,
• Keep temperature, humidity and humidity at a comfortable level,
• Reduction of fire, explosion and other hazards,
• Prevention of unwanted air currents in the environment,
• Prevents odors, vapors and particulate air from entering the environment and atmosphere.

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