Meadow Burke

Comprehensive portfolio of engineered accessories and safety products for concrete construction. 

Meadow Burke concrete accessories are used in precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place construction across North America and are respected for their engineered precision, stringent quality-control assurances, and trusted reliability.

Meadow Burke braces are a common sight across thousands of tilt-up jobsites each year, as are Super Lynk panel-to-footing connections and Super Lift III lifting hardware.

Engineered products for precast construction include Rapid Lok Ultimate, a steel replacement for concrete corbels that simplifies construction and reduces costs. The Meadow Burke Rapid Lift product line is also an industry leader in terms of lifting and erection of precast concrete panels.

Meadow Burke products for concrete movement joints include the Double Shear Dowel and Lockable Dowel product lines, both of which provide numerous benefits over traditional construction methods.

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