Superior jointing systems for industrial concrete floors featuring armoured edge protection to reduce maintenance in high traffic areas. 

Isedio jointing systems enable flooring contractors to cast flat, high performing concrete floors in commercial and industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories and logistics centres. A combination of different Isedio systems based on the design loads, traffic volumes and location of the joint is often the most efficient and cost-effective design solution.

Isedio Armourjoint is a pre-fabricated, leave-in-place formwork system with a high load transfer capacity and heavy-duty steel edge protection designed to prolong the life of any concrete floor slab.

Isedio Shieldjoint is the ultimate ‘fit-and forget’ solution for high traffic and defined movement areas, such as aisles and doorways. The unique wave design reduces the impact load on a single steel edge by ensuring wheeled traffic is always in contact with both top plates. With no requirement for joint sealing, this system reduces the time and expense associated with sealant repairs.

The Isedio range also includes a leave-in-place construction joint system for upper floor concrete pours on steel decking that saves significant time over traditional timber formwork.

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