Innovative helical wall ties, fixings and masonry repair systems offering concealed, non-disruptive installation techniques. 

Helifix repair systems play an important role in preserving our built environment. They are used worldwide to stabilise structural faults in all types of structures, from residential buildings to bridges and heritage structures.

These one-piece helical steel fixings combine high strength with flexibility, durability and great holding power, and are suitable for use in all common building materials including brick, block, stone, timber and concrete.

Helifix products are used either individually or in combination to provide rapid, reliable and cost-effective repair solutions. Furthermore, they do so in a sympathetic and non-disruptive manner that leaves the structure visually unaltered.

Helifix reinforcement solutions are also suitable for strengthening buildings as part of a seismic upgrade, and repairing and stabilising masonry following seismic activity.

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