Stainless steel fabrications and masonry support systems, engineered concrete connections including shear load connectors, and reinforcing bar couplers.


Ancon MDC is the preferred choice of masonry support system across the UK and Australia. These systems combine with Ancon wall ties, windposts and lintels to form a complete stainless steel fixing solution for the aesthetic masonry cladding on new buildings.

Engineered concrete connections from the Ancon range include DSD and HLD high performance shear connectors. These products are more effective at transferring load and accommodating movement across joints in concrete than plain dowel bars.

Ancon stainless steel reinforcement is available in a range of types and grades, and is cut, bent and threaded to suit a variety of applications.

Other Ancon products include threaded and bolted reinforcing bar couplers and engineered solutions for providing continuity of reinforcement at slab-to-wall construction joints in structural concrete frames.

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